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Gomagi and Ogoma Kigan

The Japanese word Ogoma refers to the sacred burning of an object during a Ogoma kigan an esoteric fire ritual. Here at Nishi Arai Daishi a special wooden piece, Gomagi, inscribed with prayers or wishes is burned in the center of the Gomadan, a fire-alter. The Gomadan is positioned in front of the principal image of the Buddha where the Gomagi are lit by the fire of Tomyo, a flame taken from the candle representing the light of the Buddhaʼs wisdom. It is believed that the flame carries the prayers and wishes to the gods providing succor and purifying the soul.

There are three types of Gomagi, of which the thickest, called Dangi, are assembled into a low square tower in the Gomadan by alternately stacking them in parallel layers. Dangi is considered the most important item for the burning and is also an offering to the Buddha.

To participate in the Ogoma kigan, you write your wish or prayer, one per piece, on the Gomagi. The Gomagi are offered to be burned in the ritual flame that delivers your prayers and feelings to the gods.


500 Yen per piece.

How to use Gomagi

Please write your name

Please write a Ganmoku
(Wishes) in Japanese.

  • Yakuyoke Anzen : Safety/well-being and to ward off evil.
  • Kanai Anzen : Safety/well-being/happiness of the family.
  • Shobai Hanjo : Business success.
  • Sainanyoke : Warding off calamity: protection against disasters and misfortunes.
  • Hoi sainan yoke : Remove accidents and disasters from a bad azimuth.
  • Shingan joju : Gokaku • Ryoen • Kodakara
    Prayers for the realization of heartfelt wishes : passing the exam • good relationships • fertility.
  • Gakugyo joju : Academic success.
  • Byoki heiyu : Recovery from illness.
  • Shintai kengo : Health and wellness.
  • Minoue anzen : Safety/stability of your mind and body.
  • Kaiun : General good luck.
  • Koji anzen : Safety during construction.
  • Shokuba anzen : Workplace safety.Ryoko anzen : Travel safety.
  • Kosodate : Raising a child/children.Child safe/healthy growth.
  • Kotu anzen : Traffic safety.
  • Anzan : Safe birth and delivery.

Note:The Ogoma kigan is for your current concerns. Please donʼt write memorial wishes for ancestors nor spiritual beings.

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