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Protective amulets and plaques are available to worshippers on site.


An English language brochure is available at no charge. They are located on a rack near the fire-offering prayer reception entrance.
The design motif is adapted from the lotus flower pedals that are tossed during ceremonies like the Buddha's birth celebration.
The brochure is yours as a memento for worshipping here at Nishiarai Daishi. Please feel free to take one.

Protective Amulets (Omamori)

Amulets can be kept on your person for the effects to ward off evil and bring fortune.
Protective amulets are categorized by type of prayer (need request).
Select the desired amulet, based on the English table of categories for prayer (need request).
We also present stickers (decals) for the effects of safety in transportation. Place these on your suitcases or baby strollers and pray for travel safety.

Gomagi and Ogoma Kigan

Experience the simple version of gomagi prayer to commemorate your visit. After purchasing your gomagi , write your wish or prayer and your name on it and place it as an offering on the back pedestal.

Gomagi: 500 Yen per piece

About Gomagi and Ogoma Kigan

Red stamp book(Gosyuincho

In the first place, when you visit a temple, you will have your Gosyuincho stamped as a proof of the Hand-copying sutra(Syakyo
Nowadays, they have been stamped as a proof of their reading to The Eleven-Faced Kannon and Kobodaishi
There are two types of Nishiarai Daishi's Goshuin,Kobo Daishi and Fudo Myo-o worshiped at Fudo Hall.

Red stamp book

If you want a Goshuin please press the buzzer and call the person in charge.
Please tell us your desired GosyuinKobodaishi version/Fudo Myo-o version and give us your Gosyuincho and price (Japanese yen).)


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