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About Fire offering(Ogoma)

Ogoma is a distinctive ritual in esoteric Buddhism, a special rite that brings together light, flame, and prayer.
The word Ogoma comes from homa in Sanskrit, meaning to kindle or burn wood.
The prayer ritual is believed to have originated in India.

Esoteric Buddhism has adopted Ogoma as a superior means for training to follow the Buddha's path. The ritual is an offering strictly for the Japanese manifestation of the Buddha, rather than for Hindu gods. The offering is deeply spiritual in nature, and goes beyond merely a physical offering consumed by the flames.

The ritual fire is the Buddha's flame of wisdom that delivers prayer and burns away secular desires.
Kobodaishi brought this teaching to Japan. Rites for Shingon Sect Goma ceremonies are sacred and can only be performed by specially trained and authorized clergy.

At Nishiarai Daishi, the Goma altar is presented in front of the principal images of the Main Hall. Firewood called Gomagi is burned in a brass urn, while prayers are offered to Eleven-Faced Kannon and Kobodaishi.
The flames of Ogoma are believed to burn away the secular desires (evil passions), pain, struggle, or calamity of the worshippers and to grant the prayers.

Participating in Ogoma Kigan
- The Full Ritual

Experience the full ritual of fire offering to commemorate your visit.

Participating in Ogoma Kigan
- The Simple Version

Experience the simple version of gomagi prayer to commemorate your visit. After purchasing your gomagi, write your wish or prayer and your name on it and place it as an offering on the back pedestal.

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